How we can help you


We listen to your concerns.


Offer impartial information, advice and support.


Offer practical help with writing letters, filling in forms and report writing.

Meeting Support

We can attend some meetings with you.

Legal Help

Explain what the law says.

SEN Support

Explain what you can expect schools to provide in terms of SEN support.

Education/Care Needs

Guide you through an Education Health and Care Needs Assessment.

Support Groups

Put you in contact with voluntary sector support groups.


The service is confidential; we only contact local authority officers or other practitioners with parents' permission.

Times when you might need our help.

Struggling with Education

If your child or young person is struggling in their educational setting and is not making progress.

SEN Support

When he/she is receiving SEN support or has an Education, Health and Care Plan.

Needs Assessment

If you would like your child or young person's special educational needs to be formally assessed.

Writing Help

If you need help writing your views for the assessment.

School Support

If you would like support at a school or local authority meeting.

Exclusion Risk

If your child or young person is at risk of exclusion.

Changing School Stage

When your child or young person with SEND is transferring from nursery to primary school, from primary school to secondary or from secondary to college.